Hello and welcome to the Compostivity website! Here you can learn what we are all about and purchase your very own Compost starter kit – the perfect way to start the spring season and enjoy the wonders of the outdoors and gardening. 

Introducing the Compostivity - compost starter kit! 


This eco-friendly box is the perfect way to introduce children (and adults too) to composting, growing fruit and vegetables from seeds provided in the box and learning how to put your food waste to good use! It’s also a great way of getting out of the house and learning something new and as useful as composting. Head over to our online shop to get one for yourself or as a perfect gift for spring. 


What the Compostivity

box includes:

1) A corrugated cardboard compost bin - to place outside and begin composting your food and garden waste​


2) An activity book containing games and information on how to begin composting in a fun and interactive way.


3) A5 sheet of 20 fruit and vegetable stickers for you or your child to decorate the cardboard compost box 


4) 2x Fruit & veg seeds to plant - including a surprise pack of seeds to grow and discover!


5) 6x soil pellets to put into your compost box (and leave at least two for your seeds)


6) A compost tracker for your child to keep track of the growth of their compost


7) At the back of this tracker will be a compost factsheet with all the information and keywords you need to learn to make your compost the best it can be!

We are a student-led company that shares a passion towards helping change our world for good. Each year, 1.6bn tonnes of food goes to waste – approximately 1/3 of the food produced globally! We set out a goal to help limit food waste and teach you how to do the same through the amazing process of composting! And boom, there you have it: ‘Compostivity’ - an eco-friendly composting kit that has a positive impact on you and the environment. 

Who we are