Compost supplies!

To enhance our customer experience Compostivity has some recommendations to help you speed up the composting process! We also want to support other companies with a similar goal to ours; making our world a greener place, by composting your food waste!

  • Check to see if your local council sends compost bins to you for £13.50

  • B&Q 220L compost bin for £27

  • The cheapest option - Buy a reusable storage box or see if you have one lying around at home in the garage or cupboard. Drill a couple of small holes at the bottom and at the top to make sure your compost gets air. 

  • The range home leisure garden- 24L recycled storage box for £6.99

  • compost bin for £31.99

Check your local council website to see if they can provide you with a free food caddy bin to store your food waste in before composting.


Durable compost bins

Get your own box of worms to speed up the decomposition process from Worms Direct

Buy your own worms!

Garden tools to stir your compost