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Did you know that when food waste is thrown into landfill it releases the greenhouse gas methane which is 25 times more harmful than carbon dioxide in terms of contributing to global warming?

The core value of Compostivity is to create a sustainable and eco-friendly activity box that benefits our customers and the environment through the amazing process of composting!


Our Compostivity box encourages more people to reduce their food waste by integrating composting into their daily lives.

Additionally, we will be using only UK based suppliers for the items included in the Compostivity box to reduce the distance of travel and consequently reduce our carbon footprint by the pollution emitted through travel.

All of our items are sourced sustainably from suppliers such as eco craft, the sustainable print and the sticker shop who use recycled materials and no plastic to produce Compostivity's stickers, activity booklet, Compost tracker and factsheet. As well as Green Gardeners for our soil pellets and kite packaging for our boxes to ensure that we maintain our sustainability goal! 



You can help end this through composting with our Compostivity boxes!

Food Waste Fact!